Abidzar had felt guilty about the death of Uje

The eldest son of Umi Pipik and Alm. Ustad Jefry Al Bukhori or Uje, Abidzar recently admitted that he had felt guilty for the death of his father seven years ago.

On April 26, 2013, or exactly seven years ago, Ustad Jefry Al Bukhori or Uje, died. The 40-year-old Da’i died after suffering a single accident in the Pondok Indah area.

When his father passed away, Abidzar himself was actually still in elementary school, but he really remembered the moments when the sad news came.

Abidzar remembered very well that before the incident that killed his father happened, he had met with the deceased first. It happened around 23:00 WIB, Abidzar said he was still with his mother and sister watching television in the living room.

Suddenly, Umi Pipik got a phone call, and the mother seemed to cry when she heard the news from the telephone. Abidzar did not know why his mother was crying, because there was no explanation given by Umi Pipik at that time.

Abidzar only went with his mother to the emergency room at that time, and immediately cried hysterically when he saw Uje’s body brought to the mortuary. Abidzar had blamed himself, because Alm. At that time went to buy futsal shoes at his request.

“Abi was crying loudly, feels wronged myself, if I didn’t buy shoes I could still join the deceased. At least I can forbid riding a motorcycle. At least I will come. ”

“If I come along, you will definitely think about it at home, ah ‘. Ummi Tatu came, all of it calmed down Abi, Abidzar is still ‘This is my fault, my fault! ‘

Not only Abidzar, Adiba’s eldest daughter Uje also cried hysterically, as if she didn’t accept it because she rarely met her father while studying at the boarding school.

“You came crying, you don’t know anything. From the gate of the house I have been crying, ‘I want to follow Abi, I want to follow Abi now!”

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