5 Types of Bags That Every Women Love

Bags form an integral part of the ensemble of the fashionable woman. It is like the hump of a camel, adorable to some but ungainly to others. Depending on the personality of the woman, she must change her bag to a clutch, a tote, or a sling bag. It needs to look like an appendage rather than resembling a piece of luggage.

1. Crossbody

If you want your hands to remain free, check the Crossbody bag. It is not a big essentially though you have few huge. It hangs from a thin strap, and you wear it across the body. When you want to pick the vegetables in the grocery store or take pictures of the countryside, the Crossbody bag comes in useful.

2. Tote

A Tote is one of the functional bags. It holds many things such as your laptop or a change of clothes. You can bring your tracksuit to the ground or even your track shoes. It is airy and uncomplicated. The wide-open mouth of the tote makes it easy to handle the things inside. And you can put a lot of things inside a Tote.

3. Clutch

It is a decorative bag just like the jewelry. Most of the clutches are masterpieces with elaborate ornamentation and a chic appearance. You can hold it in one hand hence the name clutch. It will hold all your essentials like lipstick, makeup, handkerchief, and small change if needed. Women have more than one clutch, so they can match it with the dress they wear.

4. Sling Bag

If you want a bag for shopping or for carrying books to the library, the sling bag is what you must choose. It is sleek, has good looks, and has plenty of space. It is bigger and heavier than the other bags but is highly functional. Women who shop a lot cannot do without a sling bag.

5. Satchel

When you want something between a regular handbag and the laptop bag, you get the satchel. This is a comfortable bag with enough storage. And yet, it is easy to carry around. The satchel can carry all your essentials and your gadgets too along with them. Since this is a multifunctional bag, you will use this a lot. So, make sure you buy one that has good material and has an attractive design.

A bag expresses a statement. It tells about the woman behind the bag and the way she carries herself around. The bag blends with its user though a few of them strike a different chord altogether.

Penulis: | 30 Juli 2018 | blog