5 Secrets Of Best Time To Buy A New Car Revealed

If you think that anytime is the best time to buy a new car, you are absolutely wrong. Even a shopaholic or a ‘caraholic’ may wait for a perfect time before he buys a new car. If you want the best car at the best time, there is no harm waiting for the right time too! In case you are contemplating owning a car, you are on the perfect page.

Remember the December

Your New Year party may start towards the end of December. Some customers prefer to buy in January with a change of the calendar year with the latest manufacturing year. You should remember that the manufacturers also play a trick of jacking the prices with a change in the manufacturing year. Therefore, fabulous discounts are offered on the cars manufactured in the current year. In case your intention is to drive a vehicle for about five years, the change of the calendar year does not have any marked significance.


You know that every dealer or a manufacturer has a target on a quarterly basis. Thus, each end of the quarter, they are bound to throw either discounts, freebies or both in order to achieve the target.

It is not just the saving on the cost of a car. If the quarter happens to be March-end, you will have a double advantage. You can claim tax exemption as a business expense as well as the best possible price. Therefore, March-end is a win-win situation for both.

Auto Show

Special events like the auto show would open an additional door for great discounts, deals or reduced interest rates, etc. The brand variants are all displayed in a giant auto show making your comparison quite easy. Grab an opportunity to buy the best unit with multiple incentives at the auto show.

After New Launch

The introductory offer is a very common sop to entice the customers, and the automobile industry is no exception. You will find many manufacturers offering the discounts or incentives just immediately after the launch of a new model. You need to track the news on this and make sure the discount exists for a new model. Though a little uncertainty exists, it is worth trying for an ultimate gain.

Special Events

There is no reason why the deal does not offer you a discount on a special event like the Black Friday Sales or similar regional events. So, always be on the lookout and grab the opportunity to buy a new car at the best price.

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