5 negative effects of Marijuana for your body

Dwi Sasono, Indonesian artist, has been arrested by the police after being found storing and consuming cannabis narcotics.

Marijuana itself is one type of Narcotics that has an Addictive Substance so that it can cause the effects of addiction. Of course, in addition to addiction, there are several other negative effects that can be raised by this plant if smoked like a cigarette.

Here are 5 negative effects caused by cannabis on our bodies.

  1. Respiratory system

Marijuana is the same as cigarettes, its use is both smoked. The content contained in cannabis is also similar to tobacco, there are several chemicals such as Hydrogen Cyanide and Ammonia. In fact, both of these substances are classified as dangerous and can damage our respiratory tract.

Bronchitis, lung infections, asthma, and cystic fibrosis are diseases that result from long-term use of cannabis.

  1. Circulatory system

Marijuana users will usually feel the sensation of a faster heart beat than usual, can even increase 20 to 50 times per minute within three hours. In other words, the use of cannabis is very dangerous for those who have a history of heart disease.

One characteristic of cannabis users is red eye, this happens because the use of cannabis can enlarge the blood vessels around our eyes.

  1. Central nervous system

The effects of cannabis extend throughout the central nervous system (CNS). It mainly affects the cerebellum and basal ganglia, which play a role in movement and balance. This can disrupt the balance, coordination, and reflex response of the user.

  1. Digestive system

Marijuana smokers are like smokers who will feel a burning sensation in the mouth to the throat. In addition, the fact that marijuana can also cause digestive problems and damage the liver when consumed orally.

Sometimes also raises the effect of vomiting to nausea.

  1. Damaging the immune system

And the negative impact of long-term use of cannabis is the destruction of the immune system in the body, this is because the harmful chemicals from cannabis that slowly damage our natural immune system.

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