5 Effective Yoga For Lustrous Skin

It is an undeniable fact that the sync between mind and body has substantial benefits. Someone might feel strange to believe that the problems associated with the skin are directly linked to the mental peace. Therefore, if you desire to have a glowing skin, the practice of yoga postures facilitates in achieving the objectives.

  1. Triangle Pose

This pose balances and reassures the control of your limbs besides mind peace. It enhances the oxygen supply to the chest, lungs, and heart.

You should stand upright separating the feet to the extent feasible and turn the right foot nearly 90 degrees while the left foot is at 15 degrees. Then, you should line up the hands to make a triangle shape. You can repeat the yoga poses with the left foot for the lustrous skin.

  1. Fish Pose

In this pose, you stretch the face and gullet, which help in improving the smoothness of the skin and therefore, its radiance. It also tones up the pineal and pituitary gland with hormones.

For the fish pose, you should lie on your back with feet together. After placing the hands below the hips, while inhaling you should bring the elbows closer and lift the head and chest up.

  1. Plough Pose

In order to increase blood circulation to the face and head, the plough or plow pose is ideal. This pose perfectly practiced would result in a pinkish glow of the skin.

You can lie down on your back with your arms beside with the palms facing downwards. By using the abdominal force, you should lift the feet above and bring to 90 degrees. By continuing normal breathing, you can try to touch the floor with your toes.

  1. Shoulder Stand Pose

With a view to clearing and cleaning the blood, which nourishes the body, you should reverse the gravitational effect. The benefits of this pose are immense including anti-aging effects of the body.

For this exercise, you can lie down on the floor on your back with the palms upside besides the trunk. With the support of the palm/hands on the hips, raise your legs to the level of 90 degrees. You can adjust the shoulder to balance the body while the head is firming up on the floor.

  1. Cobra Pose

Another method of ensuring more supply of oxygen to the body along with the powerful back curve is the cobra pose. In this process, the blood circulation is enhanced and you can keep the body stress at bay.

You can lie down on your stomach and place the hands on the floor. By ensuring that the elbows do not touch the ground, raise the upper body to the extent feasible.

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