4 simple & easy foods to celebrate New Year at home

New Year is coming soon, are you ready to celebrate the 2020 New Year, which is just counting the days? Of course, there are many ways to celebrate New Year, such as traveling out of town for a vacation, celebrating with your family, or just celebrating at home by serving certain dishes.

Well, to celebrate the turn of the year, there are many dishes that are suitable to be served at home. But for those of you who do not like complicated, can try the four simple food menu below, as a dish on New Year’s Eve at home.

BBQ corn

BBQ corn is indeed a favorite menu at night, especially during New Year’s Eve, as if this one menu has indeed become one of the mandatory menus during New Year’s Eve. Aside from being a savory spicy and sweet salty taste, BBQ corn has its own appeal to unite the family with the excitement of roasting corn together.

Besides the taste that is loved by many people, the sensation of gathering with family around a campfire while burning the prepared corn is certainly impressive and will be remembered in our memory.

Boiled peanuts

Indeed there is no substitute for boiled peanuts as a friend or a snack when talking with family at home, even time will not be felt when talking while enjoying this boiled peanuts. How to serve it was not complicated. Simply boiled with a little salt, then the boiled peanuts become a savory dish on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, to watch movies or TV shows favorite.


Once satisfied enjoying a heavy meal, don’t forget to close it with this sweet one, Marshmallow. This snack can be eaten directly or by burning it first. Its soft, soft texture and wrapped with hot chocolate, sweet taste will make the New Year’s Eve more memorable.


The last is the BBQ Party, it does require quite a lot of extra costs, because the main ingredient is beef. But how to cook it is not difficult, we only need to roast it until it is cooked, then sprinkle the seasoning on it to add to the savory taste.

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