4 New MU Captain Candidates ‘Solskjaer edition’

The permanent captain of Manchester United this season, Antonio Valencia looks to have started to shift in the core squad. This season is a moment where difficult times happen to the Ecuador national team player, both Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer often drop Ashley Young as the full back right.

Injury is one reason why the Valencia figure is rarely seen. As a result, Valencia lost the feeling of playing and was considered to lose its best physical touch. As for now, Valencia is 33 years old as it is already including the old age as a Premier League level player.

These situations and conditions have issued speculation about the future of Valencia which is claimed to move at the end of this season. Interesting to wait for the continuation of his career, and interesting also issued a prediction if true Valencia went, then who is the next captain of Manchester United?.
Here’s the prediction of the new captain of the Red Devils Solskjaer edition:

1. Chris Smalling
Many loyal supporters of Manchester United doubted their capacity as team leaders. What is meant here is Chris Smalling as captain. However, it should be a consideration because Smalling is the second longest player after Valencia at Old Trafford.

Smalling came from Fulham to Manchester United in the 2000 season. Although sometimes making mistakes on the back line, Smalling still remained at Old Trafford and had won two Premier League trophies.

Playing as a full center back position holds a bit of the time the team captain flies when the main captain position pinned to Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney must be absent. Although his chances of becoming a permanent captain are very small, but all parties deserve to reflect on Smalling’s loyalty by staying long in Manchester.

2. David De Gea
De Gea is a favorite of many Manchester United fans to be the new captain next season. With the status of one of the world’s best goalkeepers at the moment, the Manchester United goalkeeper becomes safer when their defender is in trouble.

Indeed the opportunity to be captain of Manchester United has already happened under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He carried the captain’s armband when Ashley Young was rested against Huddersfield.

That opportunity has provided enough experience and knowledge to become a permanent captain in the future. De Gea can be said to be worthy and the response of fans will be so happy because the Spanish-born goalkeeper was named the best goalkeeper in the world.

3. Ashley Young
Young is currently the second captain if Antonio Valencia is absent. He may be the favorite to become a new captain, but the quality of this player is claimed to be declining and certainly will be more doubtful to appear as a core player.

One thing that might make Young captain is until now he is still believed to be the right-back team Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. As long as not many people complain and oppose the decision, Young’s figure deserves to hold the position of the new captain of the Red Devils.

4. Paul Pogba
Jose Mourinho became the main role in the time Paul Pogba was elected as the second captain, if Antonio Valencia was absent. However, the former Juventus player was removed from his position because it was considered contrary to Mourinho regarding his criticism of the coach’s tactics.

Predicate as a player who successfully brought the French National Team to the World Cup, Pogba emerged as an experienced figure on the team. The quality of Pogba is undoubted and the interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praises him.

Solskjaer is a figure who gives a new color in the game Pogba who now seems more passionate than before under Mourinho’s care. Pogba is almost certain to become a future leader at Old Trafford if he is not tempted by offers to transfer other teams in the future.

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