4 myths about sleep debunked by expert

Replenish energy in the body not only by consuming certain foods, but also by sleeping. In fact, it can be said that sleep is the best way to replenish our energy.

Talking about sleep, there are several assumptions circulating in society about good sleep and bad sleep. These include some of the myths about sleep that are wrong.

1. The brain ‘dies’ during sleep

The myth that circulates that the brain will die, aka it doesn’t function while we are asleep, but the fact is not. Even though we don’t think during sleep, but still breathing is proof that the brain is still working to regulate your respiratory system.

In addition, dreams are also proof that the brain continues to work even when you sleep. The new brain will stop working when we are truly dead, with no working organs.

2. Remembering a dream is a sign of sleeping soundly

Most people dream every night, but do not remember the dream in the morning, now the myth is that people who do not remember their dreams mean sleeping soundly, and vice versa.

Though not so. Remembering our dreams last night is the cause of certain neurons that are active during our sleep. This is the reason why we can remember dreams.

3. Do not wake up sleepwalkers

The common claim is that if you wake a person who is sleepwalking, they will have a heart attack and even die.

This is just a myth, in fact people who sleep while walking when awakened will only feel confused to fear. In fact, it is dangerous if you let someone sleep while walking, it can actually endanger the person if left alone.

4. Alcohol makes sleep soundly

Sleeping drunk after drinking alcohol is thought to make people sleep better. You can be sure this is also one of the false myths about sleep.

Keep in mind, to get a fresh body condition and a fresher brain when you wake up, there must be a good cycle and phase too. Alcohol actually worsens this phase.

Penulis: | 21 Agustus 2020 | blog