4 latest ‘fake news’ about coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic is becoming increasingly prevalent in Indonesia, in total until this news was revealed there have been more than 90 thousand cases and it continues to grow every day.

Along with the outbreak of the Covid-19 case, there have also been some oblique news aka hoaxes about the virus, its prevention, how to treat and other things. Well, as summarized by AFP, the following 4 latest Hoax about Corona Virus.

1. Prevent coronavirus by consumption of raw garlic

Since this outbreak broke out, there have been several reports claiming that certain foods can prevent coronavirus. The latest is garlic, which is considered effective in preventing this virus. But in reality, there is no further research on this matter.

Indeed, consuming raw garlic will boost the immune system. It’s just that consuming in large quantities is dangerous, even there is a woman in China who was rushed to the hospital for consuming raw garlic.

2. Routine drinking water to recover Covid-19 patients

Drinking water regularly is good, but the claims that circulate don’t feel right, because it is said that drinking water regularly every 15 minutes can kill this virus.

Professor Trudie Lang from Oxford University said there is no biological mechanism that supports the idea that drinking water every 15 minutes can eradicate the virus. Although the virus can indeed enter through the mouth or respiratory tract, it does not mean that water is the solution.

3. Thermogun ‘damages’ the brain

Since the coronavirus outbreak broke out, people have begun to measure their body temperature using thermogun, because with this tool no physical contact has occurred. But lately claims have emerged that the laser beam emitted by thermogun can damage the brain.

In fact, the rays coming out of the thermogun are not laser beams, but infrared rays that are completely harmless to our brains.

4. Hot shower can help kill the virus

And the last thing is about a hot shower that can cure coronavirus patients, again this claim is refuted.

“After the virus enters the body, there is no way to kill it. Your own body must fight it. To kill a virus, you need a temperature of more than 60 degrees Celsius, “explained Professor Bloomfield quoting from the BBC.

Penulis: | 23 Juli 2020 | blog