4 interesting facts about bat soup, where Corona Virus originated from?

Over the past few weeks, the world has been stirred by the emergence of a dangerous new virus, the virus known as the Corona Virus. According to news, this virus originated in the Wuhan area of China. Its origins have so far been investigated, but many suspect it came from Bat Soup.

Indeed, bat soup is one of the typical foods of China, and has even become a culture for them. But since this alleged, the Chinese government has banned its people from consuming these foods. Well, here are some interesting facts about bat soup that are rarely known to the public.

1. Served with Whole Bat

If you think bat soup is a food consisting of soup with a few pieces of bat meat, then you are wrong. Bat Soup is served with one to several bats in one piece! In China, bats are first cleaned, boiled, then plucked before feathers before serving with a bowl of soup.

2. Benefits of Bat Soup

Chinese people also believe that bat soup has many benefits, including as an addition to male stamina and vitality. The results of their own research prove that the meat of the Bats is rich in omega 3 and Kitotefin Substances. Two of these ingredients can cure asthma and facilitate breathing.

3. Source of Corona Virus Spread

Reporting from Mirror UK (24/01) the experts found that bat soup could be a tool or a corona virus to spread widely to infect humans. The explanation was conveyed by experts after seeing a video of a woman engrossed in eating bat soup. Knowing this information, the Chinese government immediately banned its people from consuming bat soup, or processed foods from the meat of these wild animals.

4. Chinese Folk Culture

As we said before, Bat Soup is one of the favorite foods of the Chinese people, it has even been their culture for a long time. They believe, consuming meat from bats and other wild animals is healthier than consuming meat from livestock. People who consume bat meat also show their social identity in the community.

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