4 foods to eliminate if you have a sensitive skin

Some people in the world, not least in Indonesia, have one of the health problems which, according to them, is quite annoying, none other than what is meant is sensitive skin. Indeed, various drugs have been provided for people with sensitive skin to avoid the uncomfortable effects that can be caused, but still avoiding it would be better.

Avoiding skin problems for those of you who have sensitive skin can pay attention to the food we consume. Studies have shown that certain foods can cause inflammation including the skin. When inflammation occurs, it is not uncommon to trigger a variety of chronic diseases and even sensitive skin.

Therefore, the following specific foods should be reduced for those of you who have very sensitive skin.


Sugar indeed serves as a sweetener in cooking, and its role is important in food processing. But consuming foods that contain excess sugar such as cakes, biscuits and so on are also not good for the body. In addition to causing diabetes, the fact that most people consume sugar can also cause inflammation of the skin, given that sugar contains insulin which triggers inflammation.

Saturated fats and processed foods

Red meat, especially processed such as sausages, should be avoided. High-fat foods fried in oil baths are also dangerous. Sources of saturated fat can also be from the use of butter, cream, and meat fat. Therefore, it is better to reduce foods that contain saturated fats, especially fried foods, considering that the oil immersion process lasts quite a long time.

Dairy and baked goods

Bread or other baked products tend to use gluten as an ingredient. In addition, various dairy products such as cheese must also be limited. This can also make the skin become inflamed, and of course those with sensitive skin will immediately get the effect if they consume excessive quantities of processed milk products that are roasted.

Spicy and food colorings

Spicy food is a favorite of Indonesian people, but as information on spicy food can actually trigger an easy inflammation process. The addition of artificial coloring also makes the process of inflammation vulnerable.

Penulis: | 27 Desember 2019 | blog