4 foods known as the source of Coronavirus

Scary! That’s the right word to describe the Corona Virus which has now begun to worldwide. So far, the virus that allegedly originated from Wuhan City, China has killed hundreds of people, and there were already 20,000 registered cases of this virus, at the time of writing.

Various news circulating about this one virus, including its causes. The source of this virus is not yet known, but the allegations that appear are many. Including the following four foods, they are considered as a source of the emergence of the Corona virus.

1. Seafood

Wuhan is an area suspected of being the site of the Corona virus. In that area, there are some foods that are most often consumed, including Seafood. Therefore, many Chinese people have begun to stop consuming Seafood because it is considered as one of the sources of this virus.

In fact, there is no concrete evidence about this. Seafood is very safe for consumption, even healthy. But it is better to consume seafood that has been cooked until cooked, to make it safer.

2. Bat Meat

The most frequently targeted target for the source of the Corona virus is bat meat. According to great scientists, claims about bat meat as a corona virus spreader could be said to be true. Furthermore, corona virus is a zoonotic disease and spread from animals to humans.

Nevertheless, until now there has been no official statement that says that bat meat is the source of the emergence of the Corona virus.

3. Corona beer

I was so excited by this Corona virus, community vigilance increased, even tended to be excessive. All sorts of things that smell Corona began to be shunned, not only Chinese restaurants, even drinks that carry the name Corona were also shunned. Including Corona Beer.

Though the drink was created in Spain by Antonio Fernandez. The name Corona itself comes from the name of the royal crown. It has nothing to do with the virus that is in this uproar.

4. Meat

Many people misunderstand the statement that Corona Virus comes from animals. So that makes people avoid meat-based foods, such as beef, lamb, chicken and others.

Meat consumption is very safe, even recommended. But indeed, consuming meat in undercooked conditions is more risky.

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