3 viral hoaxes about Wuhan Corona Virus

Corona Virus is now trending as the world number one news, even beating the sad news of the death of the famous basketball legend, Kobe Bryant. Indeed, this one virus should be wary of because of the impact that can be life-threatening. But, many parties are using public awareness and concerns by spreading hoax news about this virus.

So far, there are at least four hoaxes spread about this corona virus, where the truth is very doubtful.

1. Derived from Bat Soup

Eating bat soup has become a Chinese habit, not least in the Wuhan area, an area thought to be the origin of the corona virus. No doubt, the habit of eating bat soup is said to be the initial cause of the emergence of this virus. In fact, the fact is that the Chinese people have been consuming bat soup for a long time, so how can the virus just appear now?

Moreover, so far there has been no authentic evidence that bats are the origin of the Corona virus.

2. The Chinese Way to Control the Country’s Economy

Along with the emergence of this virus, many assume that there really is a closed conspiracy. The Chinese government is blamed, they are accused of having a vaccine to cure or destroy this virus, but deliberately keep it. The main objective is to control the country’s economy. When many have been infected, the government will sell it at a high price.

In fact, the fact is the Chinese government is still struggling to create a vaccine that can kill this dangerous virus.

3. Have Killed Hundreds Thousands of Lives

The news circulated that the corona virus has killed hundreds of thousands of people and infected millions of people worldwide. But clearly, this information is mere hoax. So far, only 2,800 patients have been infected with the virus and have killed around 80 people.

4. Will acting like a zombie

There are also photos circulating claiming that people infected with the Corona virus will act like Zombies. Seriously, Zombies are movie fiction characters. So far, there is no single virus that makes someone behave like a zombie. Instead the person will fall weak, cough, and body temperature rise.

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