3 new WAGS who make the 2019-2020 Premier League ‘hotter’

The 2019-2020 English Premier League has been running for four matches and is currently in a period of international break where European soccer nations are struggling in the 2020 Euro qualification rounds. Hot competition ensues in the best English competition, and four big teams for the time being encountered several obstacles.

Various world-class players are seen coming to the Premier League stage, in order to strengthen his team to be able to get many titles. This additional strength certainly makes the atmosphere of the struggle for the Premier League title this season even more crazy.

Interestingly here, when it is not only football stars who heat up Premier League competition, it turns out there are also WAGs for those stars who have a new career at the English League club. The status of WAGs here clearly cannot be ruled out about the career of football players, especially in the Premier League.

The truth is that the support of WAGs on and off the pitch can affect the performance of star players. In other words, WAGs are the charm of the stadium stands which is a form of real support from them for their lovers and fans alike.

The following are the 3 WAGs section of newcomers who participated in ‘heating’ the 2019-2020 Premier League:

1. Daniel James and Ria Hughes

Ria Kate Hughes, known as a sports instructor, is known to have a permanent job at a local gym, and is now moving with Daniel James to Manchester United. The name of James became the first about the matter of the transfer of the Red Devils in the 2019 summer transfer market.

Coming with a price tag of 17 million Pounds from Swansea City, this apparently did not show a big change even though it has gotten a lot of money. Luckily for James because he has a lover like Ria Hughes, who is known to be modest, despite having a hobby of traveling.

2. Joao Cancelo and Daniela Machado

Daniela Machado is a professional model, she already knew Joao Cancelo while still playing at Benfica. Not long lasting, they finally decided to get married when Cancelo moved to Inter Milan. No different from before, wherever Cancelo went, Machado also participated, including when docked to Juventus.

Now a change in the situation ensued, and it could be proven by his wife’s great love for Cancelo, who returned to move to Manchester City, the club that now strengthened Cancelo. The Citizens fans were also delighted with the arrival of these two figures, and Cancelo along with Machado also often shared their happiness aura on Instagram.

3. Maria Sanchez Del Moral and Dani Ceballos

Dani Ceballos’s close-up to Arsenal was followed by his close friend named Maria Sanchez Del Moral. Proven in the last few Arsenal matches, the sexy bodied lover was seen in the stands of the Emirates Stadium.

Maria is one of the WAGs who quite often gives support to Ceballos when acting on the field. Maria Sanchez’s profession as a physics teacher also drew great attention for all the Gunners fans.

No wonder the London public is a big attraction because Ceballos and Maria often share the status of their photos while on vacation in Miami Beach, United States. Ceballos vacation with Maria is after the player succeeded in delivering the Spanish national team won the 2019 Euro U-21.

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