3 candidates for substituting Ozil’s position at Arsenal

Unai Emery is arguably the bearer of a negative aura for Mesut Ozil at Arsenal. The proof is, Ozil was not included in the coach’s plans this season, and put pressure on him to immediately leave the Emirates Stadium as an option to save his career.

The 2018-2019 season was the season in which Ozil had to take a stand, with the situation as reserve player Ozil was rumored to be going through a career outside England as a loan player until the end of the season. However, the option was rejected by Ozil himself and decided to survive even though he didn’t get minutes to play.

Although he has issued a loyalty decision to Arsenal, but there is no guarantee that Ozil will start. Referring to the current situation, it is fitting for Ozil to leave London and look for a club that wants to give minutes to play.

The Arsenal side also got one less favorable condition, and they had to immediately find Ozil’s replacement as Arsenal’s next season will experience an increasingly difficult situation with the certainty Aeron Ramsey moved to Juventus.

Here below are 3 top level players who are predicted to be fit to replace Ozil at Arsenal next season:

1. Ivan Perisic (Inter Milan)

Ivan Perisic deserves to be an Arsenal problem solver because he is named the best Serie A player at the moment. Not only the best for the League, but also an important player for Inter Milan. If Ozil left Arsenal, it would be appropriate for them to fight for Perisic.

Perisic playing level is very high quality, he can be placed in any position, especially the attack position. At present, Arsenal play by not playing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Iwobi in the left wing position. This condition allows the Perisic figure to be able to increase Arsenal’s power in the next season.

If you dissect the quality of playing Perisic, the quality of the player is not different from the quality of playing Ozil. One advantage of Perisic is that he has the speed and age of Ozil.

2. Julian Draxler (PSG)

Julian Draxler entered as a future German player. Although it hasn’t shown progress towards the best German players, Draxler is still seen as a player who has talent by continuing to grow if given the opportunity to play.

Draxler currently serves as a Paris Saint Germain player, intending to increase his level of play. But unfortunately, his career in the French Ligue 1 was disrupted due to lack of minutes playing as the PSG squad was filled with star-studded players.

Stylish in playing relaxed but having a good mission and vision, Draxler is considered suitable for Arsenal because his playing character is not far away with Ozil who is both born in Germany.

3. Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen)

Hearing Kai Havertz’s name maybe some people don’t really know him, but when in Germany, his name is in the category of future players who will shine as at club level, Bayer Leverkusen, Havertz has become a key player even though he is still young.

Havertz, 19 years old, managed to show his quality as a future player. Now his name is on the transfer list of many big European clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona. With quality and long-term prospects, Arsenal must fight for Havertz.

Indeed Arsenal have been included in transfer gossip on behalf of Havertz in the winter yesterday. However, the results are unknown because there are no statements from both parties. But what is certain here is that Havertz’s quality is felt to be enough to replace Ozil in the central center of Arsenal’s game.

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