3 alternative ways if Barcelona fail to bring in Antoine Griezmann

Barcelona can be said to be one of the Spanish La Liga teams who are active in the 2019 summer transfer market. This movement is said to be reasonable as they want to rebuild their squad after getting unsatisfactory results in the previous season.

Some sources have said that Barcelona is busy with the transfer process of Antoine Griezmann from Atletico Madrid. The desire to get the player is clearly not an easy matter, because Atletico Madrid just want to release Griezmann at a low price.

Griezmann’s selling price now reaches 150 million euros and has a release clause worth 125 million euros. These exorbitant prices will certainly be a big consideration for Barcelona as they do not want to repeat a big mistake by bringing Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool.

On that basis, why Barcelona is required to look at other players at a price that is much cheaper, but beneficial for the team. Now there are some names of world class players that Barcelona can consider in the 2019 summer transfer market.

Here we present three players who deserve to be considered Barcelona besides Griezmann in the transfer market now:

1. Richarlison

Richarlison is a relatively new player for Watford. This one player came in the 2017 season with a determination to succeed in the English Premier League stage. The decision to recruit was not in vain, with a transfer of 50 million pounds, the player was able to make a significant contribution to Everton.

Richarlison, 21 years old, was successful in his inaugural season at Goodison Park. His stable performance put his name on the level of the Brazilian national team. The 2018-2019 Premier League Season was a special moment for Richarlison, by scoring 13 goals from 35 matches in the Premier League.

With all of the improvements Richarlison has shown, the selling value now reaches 45 million Pounds and is predicted to be able to increase if he can play better next season.

2. Nicolas Pepe

Nicolas Pepe with Lille in the 2018-2019 season has caught the world’s attention successfully showing his best performances. Throughout the season, he successfully scored 23 goals and made 11 assists from 38 matches in Ligue 1.

Performance that continues to increase then presents Pepe with many offers from elite European clubs. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are reportedly interested in getting their signatures. At present, Pepe’s selling value reaches 40 million Euros.

Competition to get Pepe services is very heavy, Barcelona itself must dare to pay above 69 million euros for Pepe’s service as this value is ready to be given by Manchester United who are reportedly equally interested in this wonderkid name.

3. David Neres

One of the wonderkid names that deserves a glance now is Neres. Throughout his debut last season, Neres scored eight goals and made eight assists from 27 matches in the Dutch Eradivisi to help Ajax win the 2018-2019 title.

On the Champions League stage, Neres also scored three goals successfully. His impressive appearance that made him enter the Brazilian national team squad for the 2019 Copa America. This consistent appearance gave Neres a positive credit with a lot of interest from big European clubs, including Liverpool.

So far, the rumor has it that Neres’s selling price reached 32 million Euros. However, the selling price can still change as Barcelona is claimed to be ready to enter the hunt for the 21-year-old player.

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