24 “dangerous” Android apps that you must uninstall quickly

Smartphone users today are spoiled with the many applications available on Playstore, especially those who are Android users. The reason is, anyone can enter their creation application in the Play Store to be downloaded, of course, after going through certain trials.

The many applications make Android smartphone users more flexible in maximizing the performance of their mobile phones. Like for example the Maps application that functions as a guide, find out the estimated trip, or find the nearest restaurant and gas station.

But on the one hand, the advantages of this android phone can also have a dangerous impact for users. Because, over the past year it has just been revealed that some applications are considered dangerous.

Not because of the virus in the application that can damage the phone, but an access permit that allows the application to steal data on our cellphones.

In fact, the latest there are 24 malicious applications found by device security and cyber VPN Pro. Some of them are full of malware and ask for all kinds of potentially malicious permissions, such as permission to use the camera and storage access.

Ironically, some of the applications found are useful applications such as weather forecasts, voice recorders, virus cleaners, file managers and others.

Unfortunately, the total number of dangerous application downloads has reached 382 million times.

Well, here is a list of 24 of these applications, if indeed you have one or more of your android phones, you should delete it immediately by uninstalling it.
1. Sound Recorder
2. Super Cleaner
3. Virus Cleaner 2019
4. File Manager
5. Joy Launcher
6. Turbo Browser
7. Weather Forecast
8. Candy Selfie Camera
9. Hi VPN, Free VPN
10. Candy Gallery
11. Calendar Lite
12. Super Battery
13. Hi Security 2019
14. Net Master
15. Puzzle Box
16. Private Browser
17. Hi VPN Pro
18. World Zoo
19. Word Crossy!
20. Soccer Pinball
21. Dig it
22. Laser Break
23. Music Roam
24. Word Crush.

Please note, as smartphone users, we are required to remain careful and thorough in downloading certain applications. Because, there is no guarantee from Google that the application is fully safe to use or install.

Penulis: | 7 Februari 2020 | blog