2018 World Cup- Group Stage Predictions for Popular Teams

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is to be held in Russia in summers and is 6 months away as reported officially. In the year 2014, the player Mario Gotze belonging to Germany clinched an overtime goal against the player from Argentina namely, Sergio Romero that made him settle in 2014 tournament.

The FIFA World Cup qualification saw a dramatic angle with international teams like Italy, Chile and Netherlands missing this year’s matches alongside the countries like Cameroon, USA and the Ivory Coast. The surprise came when the teams like Serbia, Senegal, Panama, and Egypt made it to the 2018 selections. The players who will lead these teams are from various renowned clubs like:

The announcement for these 32 teams was done on 1 December in which they will play before the commencing of the knockout round. The prediction s and the detailed reviews about the World Cup’s 8 groups are given as under.

The Teams Saudi Arabia, Russia, Uruguay and Egypt from the Group A

Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup matches and belongs to the Group A. However, this factual report was taken to social media and regarded as match-fixing by placing the host country in Group A. The official opening of the World Cup 2018 will start with the match played between Russia and Saudi Arabia. These are the lowest rank holder teams in the tournament that makes the opening less inspiring for onlookers. Whereas, the team of Uruguay is rated to win and its leader is Luis Suarez from Barcelona.

The forward line for the team is the player Edinson Cavani, who belongs to the club Paris-Saint Germain. Mohamed Salah leads the team of Egypt who is the star of the Premier League match, but it has lesser talented players. The duo who is the popular players from the Uruguay team will lead the Group A but the team from Egypt will fall second. The battle for the third and the fourth place will be decided with the goals scored in the matches by Saudi Arabia or team Russia.

Group B teams including Spain, Iran, Portugal, and Morocco

The World Cup fans will be witnessing the great game, as this year tournament’s exciting battle will take place between Spain and Portugal on 15 June. Player Cristiano Ronaldo will lead the European team against the World Cup 2010 winner Spain that comprises of many star talents. Here the pressure will be mostly on Ronaldo, as the Spanish team will try to edge out the Portuguese team in a thrilling match. Ronaldo will be the savior as he makes up against the lack of talented players of his team. It is reviewed that Spanish team will clinch the first place in this Group match with Portugal just closing behind it. Morocco is said to beat the Iranian team for acquiring the 3rd place.

Teams of Group C includes Australia, France, Denmark and Peru

France will be the leading team of this Group as they have the powerful players like Paul Pogba, Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann, Dmitri Payet, Alexandre Lacazette and Hugo Lloris. The great battle will be witnessed between the teams Peru and Denmark for the second place. Here the pressure will be maintained on the player Christian Eriksen from Denmark. If the player gives the great performance than the team will clinch the 2nd place and make its place in the knockout round.

If the player does not show the interesting game, then the younger team, Peru will take on Denmark and will be getting into the next round of the tournament. Their match can be decided with the help of goal differential too. There is no hope for the Australian team in this tournament, and it is said to take the last place.

Group D teams Include countries Iceland, Argentina, Nigeria and Croatia

In this Group, every team is reviewed to reach the knockout round. Every match will matter here as no team can be underestimated in the matches. Lionel Messi will lead the Argentinian team, and it will finish in the first place. The Iceland team is set to close behind the Argentinian team.

This team will be seen as one of the biggest stories

in the 2018 World Cup match after getting a fantastic run in the European Championship before being beaten by the French team in the Semi-final match. Croatia is viewed to take the third place after taking over Nigeria with the talent of Ivan Rakitic and Luka Modric.

Teams in Group E include Switzerland, Brazil, Costa Rica and Serbia

The Group E stage will see Brazil gaining the top position in the matches as it is going to win all the matches in the tournament. Few star players from Europe will lead this great team. The only thing that Brazil must hope this time is that none of its excellent players is injured during any of the games.

Costa Rica will come by surprise as it is going to the way past Serbia and Switzerland to acquire the place in knockout berth round. The team of Switzerland includes star talent Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri from the Premier League that will fight against Serbian team to clinch the third place.

Group F teams include Mexico, South Korea, Germany and Sweden

The unbeatable World Cup champion Germany is set to win the 2nd World Cup in Russia. The Group matches here are not going to stop this team. However, the Mexican team made through the World Cup qualifying match, but this team cannot beat the powerful team like Germany. The South Korean and Swedish team is said to be possessing flaws. It is predicted that nothing is going to stop the German team, but the Mexican team will also make it to the battle and clinch the 2nd place. The Swedish team is said to acquire the third slot whereas South Korea will get the fourth position.

Group G team consists of Panama, Belgium, Tunisia, and England

The Group G matches will be the close-knit show for the teams like Belgium and England. Both these teams have an excellent talented pool of players. The team of England consists of players like:

The Belgian team includes players like Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois, and Eden Hazard. Many of the team players here are the club teammates standing like the opposing players, and it is not more than a Premier League battle. England is predicted to caste a win on 28 June match as the Belgian team is reviewed to clinch the 2nd place. The team of Panama will beat the low-key team Tunisia for the third spot.

Group H teams consist of countries like Senegal, Poland, Japan and Colombia

The Group H is stated to be an evenly sorted group for the tournament matches. Poland was stated to be the worst top teams, although its player Robert Lewandowski has set the record for European Championships for clinching numerous goals in the qualifying 16 matches. An incredible remark was made by Senegal for making to the cup as the player Sadio Mane led the team.

The player James Rodriguez is making a return to the World Cup after clinching the Golden Boot award in the year 2014. The Japanese team is reviewed as Asia’s most seasoned team for the World Cup match. The predictions for this Group match are:


To sum up, it can be seen that in Group A, the Uruguay team will finish first because the experienced player leads the team. The Spanish team is going to clinch the first position in Group B whereas French team is going to get the top slot in Group C matches. The Argentinian team will lead in Group D match as it is having a star player Lionel Messi.

Brazil will take the top slot in the Group E matches and this year defending champion will be the German team from Group F that is predicted to win it 2nd World Cup. England is set to make its place in the Group G matches as it is predicted for an anticipated win. Colombia is set to clinch the first position in the Group H matches.

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