20 years of exploring the unspoiled parts of the Earth

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘North Pole’? Cold, Polar Bear, or Glacier? With all the beauty that might be offered, we certainly think a thousand times to visit a place that is at the end of the world. But, recently there is a story of someone who has been wading through the North Pole for 20 years, what’s the story?

For information, reported by CNN, the North Pole is in fact one of the most unfriendly places on Earth. This is life in the North Pole with Inge Solheim, he has lived there for 20 years, even has his own tips when meeting with the super ferocious Polar bear.

“I slammed the kettle. I shouted and tried to frighten, “he told CNN.

If indeed the polar bear is not affected, then he suggested to use pepper spray to shoot flares with the aim that they are afraid and feel threatened. Solheim has been visiting the North Pole for the past 20 years, so he knows exactly where it is home to ferocious polar bears.

“The North Pole is their home, not me. I have to do everything I can to not disturb the polar bears and try not to put my position in a situation to kill them,” he said.

Actually, there are other threats that can occur in the North Pole besides polar bears, namely monoxide poisoning to the stove that exploded due to extreme temperatures. Because of his expertise, he was once trusted to be a North Pole guide, a kind of guide. One of them led the army in the Walking With The Wounded expedition in 2011.

He also accompanied Prince Harry in 2013 to travel in the most hostile places on earth.

“It might sound stupid, but because it is the most difficult and hostile place, it is also the most valuable place for me. I feel that the North Pole has brought out my best. The lesson I learned about self-confidence that is built up is far deeper and more solid than office life or personal life at home, “he concluded.

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