2 reasons why Hazard left Chelsea but joined Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard‘s performance in the past few months has been able to answer public doubts over his perceived decline. Recorded to date, Hazard is included as one of the best Premier League players and this season is also a strong candidate for the Premier League.

Handled by Maurizio Sarri, Hazard looks aggressive. So far, Hazard has scored 12 goals and 10 assists. Apart from all of that, there were signs that Hazard was not at home with Chelsea as he intended to dock at Real Madrid.

The emergence of this statement further confirms that Hazard was very interested in playing with Sergio Ramos cs with the title of European champion. The Madrid itself seemed to keep their intentions a secret in trying to bring in Hazard.

Here below is the ‘main’ reason for Hazard to leave Chelsea and dock at Real Madrid as a future project, if he wants to be the best player in the world.

1. The Right Time

Real Madrid is synonymous with Cristiano Ronaldo, but all that has disappeared because the player has left and seen that moment has made Madrid’s appearance decline. Gareth Bale was appointed by many as a strong candidate for Ronaldo’s replacement, but that hope was not in line with the reality where Bale was unable to appear as sharp as Ronaldo.

If Hazard were close, Bale’s chances of returning to the wing position would be very open. While Hazard himself will help Madrid add to his collection of goals throughout the season. Hopefully the Madrid supporters were on Bale’s shoulders, but Hazard’s name could reduce Bale’s burden to be able to bring back the glory of Madrid on the domestic and European stage.

2. Champions League

The Champions League is a European trophy that Eden Hazard has never achieved at Chelsea. Whereas the name Madrid cannot be questioned because the last time 3 happened was lucky to be the champion. Cristiano Ronaldo became a hero in the record.

Now the name remains a memory, if Madrid wants to continue the note, then Hazard’s name becomes the answer to those doubts. At present, Hazard with Chelsea only plays in the Europa League stage, Hazard may have to wait a few more seasons before lifting the Big Ear with Chelsea.

These situations and conditions expose Hazard to the possibility of winning the Champions League title with Real Madrid. Hazard certainly wants to get the best European League trophy, if he wants to become the world’s best player in the future.

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