2 reasons Coutinho moves to Old Trafford

Philippe Coutinho managed to make the Camp Nou stage excited by his neat appearance, when Barcelona met Liverpool in the first leg of Champions League semi-final this season. With that appearance, Barcelona’s loss claims brought the player from Anfield to nothing.

Despite showing good progress in the last few weeks, but his fighting period in Barcelona had to be ended immediately, because he did not get support from Barcelona coaches and fans. When Barcelona signed the Coutinho from Liverpool in 2018, there was a lot of hope that the player could have a new positive impact on the Barcelona game.

But their hope had to end in a bad word, Countinho’s appearance was still considered very bad and did not contribute to Barcelona’s game so he only recorded 17 La Liga matches, and 10 of them came off the bench.

The former Liverpool player was forced to leave in several important matches and many claims as Barcelona’s failed purchase in the 2018 summer transfer market. Now the hot issue approached by mentioning the Barcelona side had offered his figure to Manchester United.

If we look at the current situation and conditions, many claim that the Countinho deserves to leave the Camp Nou and deserves to join the Red Devils. Here are two reasons for the figure of Countinho to join Manchester United and return to the English Premier League.

Difficult competition

The figure that hindered Countinho’s career progression was Ernesto Valverde, who still could not see the progress. Barcelona are not an easy team to conquer. They have the most prestigious attack power in Europe today, and one of them is Lionel Messi.

Indeed, the figure of Countiho can be an option duet Messi on the front lines, but the figure of Ernesto Valverde often tests new things. And, unfortunately for Coutinho, he is often become the coach’s bottom choice.

When Countinho targets to get more chances to play than before, then Barcelona are not considered the right place. Especially considering the fact that they might increase their attack power in the summer, to follow Real Madrid’s positive changes next season.

So, Countinho’s best way is to leave Barcelona and try new luck with Manchester United, which has the potential to provide more opportunities for this best Brazilian national team midfielder.

Career Opportunity

Predicted as one of the world’s best club players such as Barcelona, it has become a dream of a Countinho, who was born as a soccer player. This status has actually given a super luxurious life with high salary, but will it be the best career step?

Many argue that Countinho’s best career step is to try something new. If the club is Manchester United, then make it because the opportunity is very big. At least he will be part of a business that is pulling back hopes of being the best in the European arena.

If he really accepts Manchester United’s offer, maybe Coutinho has been an easy target for criticism from the media and also football lovers. But there is a positive side that can be taken here, how Coutinho’s great soul can accept his failure situation with Barcelona and dare to start from scratch.

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