2 Premier League coaches who have the potential to be fired

Manchester United‘s decision to fire Jose Mourinho from his position as the main coach has given a remarkable surprise at the end of 2018 yesterday. The decision of Manchester United’s own party is arguably very reasonable, because the performance of the team under Mourinho’s care has dropped dramatically.

Starting the season very slowly, and stuck in the top 10. Then, the name Mourinho was considered a failure in maintaining the big name of Manchester United as a legendary club of England. However, there are advantages behind it all.

Where Paul Pogba and his friends were able to bounce back in the hunt for the top 4 of the standings. Do not want to miss the Red Devils, then some clubs also followed in the footsteps with Fulham, Southampton and Huddersfield who are known to have appointed new coaches.

Interestingly now, there are some possible deviations in the other team’s camp. Even predictions can occur in the near future, if the performance of the team gets bad results. Here are 2 names of coaches who have the potential to be fired if their team has decreased.

Marco Silva

When getting a good start with the new Everton, Marco Silva is now having trouble. In their last three matches, Everton lost to Wolverhampton Wanderers, Watford, Manchester City and were only able to draw against Liverpool.

The most painful defeat was in the FA Cup, where the Toffees lost to Championship club, Millwall. Many responses that Everton is now not clear, because it is considered not to have the ability to survive or attack.

Now Silva’s career is at stake, and if the defeat is repeated again in a row. It is not impossible, the coach will have the same fate as Mourinho who now chooses a career as a commentator at Bein Sport.

Maurizio Sarri

Sarri is arguably one of the coaches closest to the dismissal letter. When Chelsea was under pressure and continued to experience difficulties in maintaining the best rhythm of the game. Sarri’s name immediately became the most blamed main actor, because Chelsea had the title of a big English club.

Sarri was actually able to apply his performance very well, Chelsea was able to surprise the big English club with beautiful games and big wins. But all of that was spelled out for a moment, where Eden Hazard CS experienced a drastic decline.

The culmination of everything was when Chelsea were shamed by Manchester City with a landslide score of 6-0. The moment gave speculation that Sarri would be fired, but the prediction was not right.

Even though it is still safe, it should be noted that Chelsea is a club that is indiscriminate to any coach. With that note, Sarri was required to be able to focus more and give confidence to his squad to get up.

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