17 July 2019 – Schedule of De Ligt Medical Tests at Juventus

Future speculation Matthijs de Ligt slowly began to be answered, after Ajax Amsterdam gave a positive signal about the status of the player who will be absent in preparation for the pre-season tour. It’s good here that Juventus and club Matthijs de Ligt have reached an official agreement.

Matthijs de Ligt’s name in the 2019 transfer window is arguably the most targeted news, as his figure is considered a high selling point. Juventus themselves became a team that was always linked to Matthijs de Ligt with claims to be the winning club.

Now according to various world-class media daring to ensure that Juventus with Ajax on the transfer of De Ligt have been reached, they will have a transfer value of 65 million Euros plus a bonus of a total of 75 million Euros.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Italian time is the schedule for Matthijs de Ligt to fly to Turin in preparation for a medical test at the Juventus headquarters, which will be officially held one day later on Wednesday, 17 July 2019. Together with Juventus, Matthijs de Ligt will receive a salary wage worth 8 to 9 million Euros per season, plus a bonus of 12 million Euros per season in a five-year contract.

Juventus did not want to lose Matthijs de Ligt in the very cheap price, as a result they released Matthijs de Ligt at a price of 150 million Euros, and that value will certainly continue to increase in each season.

Matthijs de Ligt, 20 years is indeed very amazing, even though he is still young, but when he is already on the field, one can say Matthijs de Ligt plays like a professional player, who has matured his experience.

One proof that cannot be debated is the status of Matthijs de Ligt as captain to lead his colleagues at Ajax. 2018-2019 season was tangible proof of the greatness of Matthijs de Ligt, and finally it could be seen by many people.

Matthijs de Ligt helped Ajax win the Eredivisie and advanced to the Champions League semifinals to successfully get rid of Real Madrid and Juventus in the knockout rounds in the last 16 to the big 8.

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